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About the Valpo Soccer Club

Thank you for your interest in the Valpo Soccer Club!

The Valpo Soccer Club offers 'Recreation' In-House and 'Recreation +' travel soccer for boys and girls ages four through nineteen offering youth soccer development through both the Northwest Indiana Soccer League (NWISL) and the Indiana Soccer League (ISL).  Affiliation with both leagues allows our players and parents the opportunity to choose their level of play and commitment.

Supported by an experienced Board of Directors as well as licensed trainers, the Valpo Soccer Club provides not only an entertaining and fun kids soccer structure, but also an educational and fulfilling soccer experience.

Our experienced youth soccer trainers and coaches work with their teams to identify strengths and struggles -  and then work on areas of improvement, both as a team and individually.

Regardless of age, experience, or skill level, the Valpo Soccer Club has a youth soccer team that is ideal for you. Our Club's trainers and coaches work to establish a supportive growth-inspired environment that will help you not only have fun and enjoy the game of soccer more, but help your children excel as soccer players too.

What Does the Valpo Soccer Club Offer?

What Does the Valpo Soccer Club Offer?

In Northwest Indiana, there are three levels of play available:
- Recreational Local
- Recreation Plus Travel
        -       Competition Travel

Valpo Soccer Club Offers two of the three levels of play: Recreational Local and Recreational Plus Travel.

Many players come to the Valpo Soccer Club with some Recreational soccer  experience often found in the soccer programs through the Valparaiso Parks Department, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club Teams, and others. 

Valpo Soccer Clubs now offers a Recreational Level program through our In-house Rec Lady Vikings and Junior Vikings program. Recreational Level programs are good and are for families who want their kids to have fun, be healthy, learn the rules of the game, as well as promote good attitude and responsible play.  The Valpo Soccer Club encourages everyone to try our In-house program to see if their players (and families) enjoy Soccer, because it promotes growth opportunities for their children, allows them to play in a semi-structured environment, and it helps to teach kids about game and life principles through games, practices, and relationships. 

Our Recreational Lady Vikes and Jr Vikes program offers players (Ages 4-6) a fun and exciting 4v4 format game where teams are coached by Volunteer Coaches, who are commonly players' parents that have knowledge of the game to coach the teams. These coaches will be provided a curriculum for age appropriate player development along with age appropriate training sessions designed by professional coaches to work to develop our players' skills individually and the teams' skills to focus on getting them ready or the Rec+ level of play. 

Our Recreation + Travel Level competition level within the Northwest Indiana Soccer League (NWISL).  Players at this level are typically progressing from playing Recreational Soccer. Our program is designed for those looking for more of a competitive level of play with a coordinated training and development program and opportunities to advance to teams with higher levels of play within The Region.

Our Recreational + Travel Team (Ages 6-19) are coached by volunteer coaches, who are commonly players' parents that have knowledge of the game to coach the teams. At the same time, we develop our Volunteer Coaching Staff by offering coaching classes and seminars and encourage their development to obtain coaching licenses and other certifications recognized by the United States Soccer Federation. We provide our Volunteer Coaches with professionally developed curriculum to help our players and teams develop and progress in the sport of soccer.

All Volunteer Coaches are required to
       -        Pass a Background Check Prior to Each Season; and
       -        Attend a Certified Concussion Awareness Certification Course every 2 years.
       -        Complete the online SafeSport training, which includes sexual misconduct awareness, emotional and physical misconduct, and                        mandatory reporting.

Transitioning to Valpo Soccer Club

When Can I Transition My Player to Valpo Soccer?

The answer is easy: Anytime!

Valpo Soccer Club welcomes any and all skill levels for its players. The benefit for your child and their growth within the sport is the access to trainers and knowleageble coaching staff and its more seasoned players. if you are not certain where your child will best benefit here are some guidelines to help you make your decision. No matter what level you start your child in there is always opportunity to develop and learn within Valpo Soccer Club's curriculum.

Exploratory Level – Under 8 Years Players

Exploratory Level Players are young players that are typically  a recreation level just starting to explore the game.  Exploratory Level Players are new to learning the  elements of soccer and are quick to pick up a ball and try new things with it. 

To the best extent possible, the Exploratory Level Players are:
    -    Coaches are encouraged to develop a love for the ball during Practice and Games
    -    Shouldn't be restricted to positions but encouraged to explore the game

Academy Level – Under 10 Years Players

Academy Level Players are young players that are typically a step above a recreation level with either natural talent, passion for the game, or accelerated athleticism.  Academy Level Players are new to learning the tactical and technical elements of soccer and are quick to pick up a ball and try new things with it. 

Beginner Players - Under 12 through Under 19 Players

Beginner Level Players are new and continuing players who love the game who are continuing to develop.  Beginner Level Players typically have other additional extracurricular activities they participate in and are on the brink of developing to play on a Select team.

Beginner Level Players are coached by Volunteer Coaches, and their teams are generally placed within the ‘lower-tier’ of NWISL ranging from the Green through Purple NWISL Divisions.

Developing Players - Under 10 through Under 19 Players

Developing Level Players are our next Advanced Players.  They are developing towards playing at an Select level and are focusing on some key development pieces to play at an Select level.  Select players typically have time for other extracurricular activities but soccer is top priority.

Developing Level Players are coached by Volunteer Coaches and their teams are generally placed within ‘mid-tier’ or higher divisions of NWISL ranging from the Red, White, and Blue..or higher Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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