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Valpo Soccer Club - Frequently Asked Questions:

Valpo Soccer Club is asked many questions related to our kids and youth soccer club. Listed below are some of the many questions we have been asked related to our youth soccer club. From fees and registration related questions, to questions regarding uniforms, practices and volunteering, you’ll find answers to many of your questions related to our club right here.

Should you have other questions not addressed by one of the frequently asked questions below, click here to ask us online.

Q: What age group will my player be placed?

A: To keep play fair and competitive players are divided by age group.  Your child's correct age division will auto populated based on their birth date during the online registration process.  

Eligibility for age groups shall be determined by a player’s age on August 1 of the seasonal year.  (The 'U' is for 'under'. meaning on Aug 1 the play is under that particular age)

Current season (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020):

U8    -   8/1/2011 - 7/31/2014
U10  -   8/1/2009 - 7/31/2011
U12  -   8/1/2007 - 7/31/2009
U14  -   8/1/2005 - 7/31/2007
U19  -   8/1/2000 - 7/31/2005

Player eligibility will be governed by rules established by the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY). All players residing within the Valparaiso, Indiana school district will be eligible to play with the Valpo Soccer Club.  Players outside the Valparaiso, Indiana district will need a completed waiver from their district to be filed with the Northwest Indiana Soccer League (NWISL) to be eligible to play for the Valpo Soccer Club.

Q: What are the costs I can expect if my child participates in kid’s soccer or youth soccer in the Valpo Soccer Club?

A: The Valpo Soccer Club offers two seasons: Spring and Fall. The registration fees are $160 per season. The same cost applies for all age divisions.  Those registering by June 4th automatically receive a $25 Early Bird DiscountLate Fees start on June 18th.   

As part of the registration fee teams will be allotted time with our professional trainers.

Each player is required to buy and wear a Valpo Soccer Club uniform. This uniform consists of a jersey, shorts, and socks. The cost for the soccer club uniform is $40 (a one-time fee). New uniforms were issued during the Fall 2013 season.  If your player did not play for Valpo Soccer Club during the Fall 2013 a new uniform must be purchased to play.

Each player is also required to wear soccer cleats (an additional cost borne by each player).

Another cost associated with playing with our club are associated travel expenses associated with transport to neighboring communities for game play. This includes both vehicle expense and fuel expense. On average, approximately half of the Northwest Indiana Soccer League's games are played home, while half are played away. This cost can be minimized by carpooling. 

Q: How do I register my player for kid’s soccer or youth soccer with the Valpo Soccer Club?

A: Valpo Soccer Club registration completed through an online registration process.  CLICK HERE to Register.

Q:  My child played kids soccer or youth soccer for Valpo Soccer Club last fall. What do I need to register him or her this spring?

A:  If your child played in our Northwest Indiana soccer club last fall, all you need to is renew your registration through this website by logging in using your username and password you used to register for the prior season and select the options offered for the correct age group and complete the online registration.

Q: Why do I need to order a new uniform this year?

A:  A Valpo Soccer Club attempts to make every effort to keep the same uniform we were forced to change our uniform this year due to the old version being retired.  The cost of the new uniform is approximately $65 through an on-line portal shared with players after registration from Blythe's Sports in Valparaiso.  The uniform kit which includes our current green jersey, matching shorts and socks.

  1. The uniform no longer fits
  2. The uniform is tattered and has seen better days
Our Current Jersey went into service in Fall of 2017.  It is expected to remain in service until after the Spring 2020.

New Uniforms for Fall of 2020.

Q: How much time is involved with volunteering for Valpo Soccer Club?

A: The time commitment related to volunteering for our club is entirely up to you and the tasks you take on.  Obviously, coaching a youth soccer team or assisting in coaching a kid’s soccer team is something we can always use. This sort of volunteering would require a few hours each week during normal soccer playing seasons. However, volunteering to serve on our board can require several hours each week, even during the off seasons.

Q: What type of experience is required for volunteering with the Valpo Soccer Club?

A: No experience is required to volunteer as a Valpo Soccer Club board member or to act a parent volunteer. We will support any parent who is interested in becoming involved. If you are interested in becoming a kids soccer or youth soccer coach, however, we encourage you to earn a beginning level coaches license, which can be completed during weekend coaches training sessions held locally.

Q: When and where do kids of the the Valpo Soccer Club practice and play?

A: All teams practice at various locations throughout Valparaiso, based upon the convenience and preference of the coach and their team. Common practice locations include city parks such as TJ Middle School, Hayes-Lenoard Elementary School, and our new 15.5 Acre facility at 250 N 400 E, Valparaiso, Indiana.  During the winter, training options include practices at Heavilin Elementary School and The Courts of NW Indiana.

Coaches will notify their players as to where they will hold practices, as well as when practices will be held.

Practices are typically held twice a week on weekday afternoons and evenings. Our coaches also provide weekly training sessions with a professional soccer trainer.

The teams in the Valpo Soccer Club compete with teams from other clubs throughout the Northwest Indiana Soccer League (NWISL), with clubs from as far east as LaPorte and Michigan City (Indiana), as far west as Lansing (Illinois), as far south as Rensselaer (Indiana), and as far north as Ogden Dunes (Indiana). 

Please CLICK HERE for game day field maps.

The Valpo Soccer Club plays it's home games at Valpo Soccer Club Fields in Valparaiso and away play at other fields.

The youth soccer year starts in August, with both fall and spring seasons. There are normally eight games in the spring season (April through the beginning of June) and ten games in the fall season (middle of August to the end of October). There is a league tournament held for the U10 through U14 age groups after Memorial Day for teams that are part of the Northwest Indiana Soccer League.  Most games are on Sundays, with one or two Saturday games per season.

 Q: What is the difference between Northwest Indiana Soccer League and Indiana Soccer League?

A: The Northwest Indiana Soccer Leagues allows for players to have Rec Plus competition in Northwest Indiana.  All games are played in the Northwest Indiana.  The Indiana Soccer League offers competition across the entire state.  
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